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Sunday, May 2, 2021

Best scriptwriter & award-winning writer – Pankhuri

Best scriptwriter & award-winning writer – Pankhuri

Best scriptwriter & award-winning writer – Pankhuri

In conversation with Ms. Pankhuri, author of ‘Moments’, a collection of 42 short stories which are fictional but inspired by our lives and the society around us. The book leaves a deep impact on howamid busy city life we are forgetting the little moments of joy. This corona and lockdown have made us all realised that life is all about the moments we live, the memories and not the materialistic wealth.

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Pankhuri did her MBA from IIM Kashipurand PGP Brand Management from MICA. An entrepreneur by nature, she has helped premium brands communicate their narratives, supported conceptual creatives, and continues to work as a strategy & business consultant. Pankhuri is a creative and spiritual person with a deep interest in learning, exploring, traveling, reading, writing, and artistic endeavors.

Currently, she has found her latest passion for web series and movie scriptwriting.

Q. What was the trigger behind writing the book? How did the idea occur?

I came to Mumbai in 2015 and started my career. The first job that I got by college campus placement. I loved the city and the people here. I but started noticing that everyone was so busy with work and surviving in the rat race that they had slowly forgotten to enjoy and live the small moments of joy. I started writing to express and channelize my emotions and observation and by chance, it got published and here I am.

Q. What is your book all about?

Take a moment, sit back and relax. Close your eyes, feel your heartbeat, and then start reading this book. Feel the lost moments in the midst of a busy schedule, feel the struggles... your own and others and join me on this journey of an emotional adventure. Where there is love, lust, romance, the first kiss, hate, struggle, anger, dreams, dare, heartbreaks, death and freedom.

He or she in the tales are just references to the people you know. And you know them very well... So who do you think they are? Come and join me in this exploration with an open heart and mind. 

Don't judge... Don't hate... Don't even admire or love. Just see me, the way I am.

Best scriptwriter & award-winning writer – Pankhuri

Q. Where can we reach out to you or follow you?

You can follow me on Insta and Facebook and DM me on Insta to connect personally.

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Q. How is your book impacting readers?

Below are some online reviews for my book and I will leave this question for my readers to read and decide.

 1. By sudarshanWagh-  Down the memory lane

The author has wonderfully selected moments from one's life and diverted its joy through the words into a soothing compilation of poetry!

Rarely do we get such profound poems on life. The poems flow with ease. The writing style is decent and easily decipherable. One can very well relate to each of the moments penned down in the book.

 2. By ronak Shah 

 What is the one moment of your life that made your eyes wet with a smile on the face. For me, there are so many happy moments from childhood that made my eyes wet. I believe they all are blessings to me.

There are a total of 42 moments of her life. Some make you laugh, some make you think. And the last few tears your heart apart. 

Q. Did you receive any award for your achievement?

Yes from NE8x – Best author 2019 and Women’s special achievement award 2020

I also mentor upcoming writers.

Q. Who are your leading literary mentors?

Though it’s a long list yet I will try to name some top few writers that have influenced me a lot. Paulo Coelho, Franz Kafka, Charles Bukowski, Rabindra Nath Tagore, Maha Devi Verma to name a few.

Q. What do you like to say to aspiring writers?

Writing is an inside activity and it flows from inside out. As a writer,it’s our responsibility to go through all the emotions of ours and others, through pain and pleasure without judgment. It is upon us to be the reflection of society and present it to the coming generation in the most authentic manner. To help them value the emotions, imaginations and creativity within each one of us. The power to observe our surroundings and then mold it as required. To remind everyone that we can create anything we want from our imagination. That we have a heart and soul.

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